Artist statement

Her medium is the age-old process of shaping clay, grounding herself so that she can merge
a modern consciousness with an ancient one.

Figurative art has always been her favorite genre, first in its realist form, where from
she took it farther towards more abstract style. Her evocative figural clay sculptures represent different elements of her inner world. They capture her inner, spiritual and psychological subject.

Some are enjoyable and pleasant to look at, even at the first sight, others are more
complex and darker. Often there’s suggestion of a vital interconnection between the human and non-human realms; the imagery arises from associations, concerns and obsessions that are at once intimate and universal. The work frequently emphasises mythology and archetypes in order to address our vulnerability.

She spends a lot of time with each piece in order to make each sculpture energetically and anatomically breathe and feel alive.
She builds her sculptures solid and hollow, perfecting the technique constantly
and works with a variety of clay bodies and finishing techniques to get her desired effect.

Clay has the ability to both honor tradition and embrace innovation, and it is this
duality that drives her work and inspires her to continue exploring its potential.
She seeks to create beauty in her work with some intrigue so that people will look, see something, wonder about it & then look again.